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Experienced Guidance To Finances

We do not meet many clients who enjoy wasting time or money. However, we do come across many clients that have wasted time and money via mistakes and/or poor advice. That is why FirstGen Planning requires our financial advisors to obtain their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ Designation (CFP®) before offering financial planning.

The CFP® Designation requires:

  • Education in insurance, tax, investments, retirement, and estate planning

  • 5 years of financial planning experience

  • Passing of ethic requirements in order to obtain

This rigorous curriculum increases the likelihood that we can add value to clients' financial lives.

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Seeking to Protect What's Most Valuable

One's life is arguably their most important, coveted asset. Life insurance is well known, but not easily understood. Don't mess around when it comes to your life. Instead, find a trusted professional that knows what they're talking about so that your loved ones may be taken care of in the event of an unexpected death.



Experience That Matters

It does not matter if you are saving for your first home, your children's college, or your retirement, you cannot replace investment experience. Having investment experience guides you during the good times, the bad times, and helps you build confidence knowing you are in good hands.

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Tax Planning ≠ Tax Preparation

Professionally speaking, tax planning and tax preparation are two different services. A lot of people hire tax preparers (e.g. CPA) to maximize their tax savings. However, many of you may be surprised to learn that you could potentially get additional tax savings than what a tax preparer is able to produce.

Tax preparation is a service that helps you to file tax returns.  The main goal of this service is to prepare tax returns that comply with federal, state, and local tax laws.  Tax preparers commonly give general tax guidance and advice based on your tax returns.  Often they can even answer questions for you.  However, many of you are not getting proactive tax planning advice from these professionals.

Tax planning is a service that attempts to maximize your tax savings via tax strategies that are based upon your future goals and plans. 

Examples of these include:

  • Tax loss harvesting

  • Managing your tax bracket

  • Minimizing tax upon the sale of a business or real estate

  • Maximizing charitable deductions

  • 1031 planning for real estate investors

  • Roth conversion strategies

  • Stock option evaluation

  • Intangible drilling cost evaluation

  • Retirement income tax strategy

  • Qualifying for Premium Tax Credits

  • And more…

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